Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Morning :)

Aunt Monica, Uncle Scott, Elizabeth, Chelsea, Aunt Vickey, Mema, and Bepa all stayed the night at our house Christmas Eve. Of course, Izzy was the first one up but we were nice enough to let everyone sleep till 7:30 before we woke them all up. Santa was nice enough to leave everyone's presents at our house so we spend Christmas morning opening up gifts. For breakfast we had 2 different types of quiches and some mimosa's. Yummy.

Christmas Eve at Mema Jo's and Pop Pop's house -

Christmas Eve was spent at Mema Jo's and Pop Pop's house. Mema Jo recently had back surgery so I cooked us dinner. We had a standing rib roast, shrimp scampi, mashed potatoes and green beans. I had never made a standing rib roast before. I used the recipe in the Publix ad and it turned out perfectly. So good. Afterwards Izzy got to open the gifts from Mema Jo, Pop Pop, and her Aunt Tina, Nicole, and Carey. She got so spoiled by all of them.

Cookies for Santa

On Christmas Eve, Izzy and I baked some cookies and she decorated them to leave out for Santa :).

Gingerbread House

I saw some pictures that a friend posted with her son decorating a Gingerbread house so when we went grocery shopping and I say one premade, ready to be decorated, I couldn't resist. Here are some pictures:

Christmas Fun

I have a lot of new post to add about our various Christmas fun so be prepared to enjoy ;). To make things easier, I will post them all as separate posts. Christmas was definitely lots of fun!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Aunt Tina's visit:

Aunt Tina (Christian's Sister) was down from New York earlier this week. We had not seen her in a few months (except Christian who went to NY back in October). I was nice to visit with her and Isabella loved spending time with her. Here are some pictures from her visit when we went to Light Up UCF:

Isabella's Christmas Photos

Here are the various Christmas photos from this year:

Some recent work

These are some LO's and Altered projects that I did as gift for this Christmas: