Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fast Forward

I figure since I have not blogged in over 4 months this is an appropriate title. I will just include random photos I have access to from the past few months. Maybe I will be better about this thing in the future..... but then maybe not.....

frame I made as a gift for Christians coworker - picture of Izzy and Nicole not included:
From 2010_01_27

I went to Dahlgreen, VA for a training class for two week. My Aunt flew up over the weekend to hang out in DC with me. Here are some random photos that we took. It was really chilly and I need a better tripod but it was still good practice

Clipboard for Izzy's preschool teacher:

Our Christmas Photos:


And lastly - since this is supposed to 'showcase' my creativity - here are some layouts that I have done over the past few months -