Saturday, January 24, 2009

Izzy Painting and Baking

She loves to paint. I like these picture b/c she looks like a little kid when she is wearing her diaper. She can look so grown up when she is dressed in clothes. These are from last weekend. We had a busy weekend so far so I'll update pictures from Sea World and the Zoo throughout the week.

And these are also from last week. Izzy wanted to bake a cake for Daddy. She is wearing an adorable apron that Julia (scrapbooking friend) made from here. Julia has an etsy site where you can see some of the other stuff she sells (

Last is a picture of Izzy in the dress that the two of us made together:

From 2009_01_19

Monday, January 19, 2009

Love these pictures of Chelsea

Its SO much easy actually taking picture of a non moving object :). Here are a few that I have so far. I have tons more to sort thru but wanted to share these b/c it will be a few days till I have time to work on them. (chelsea - you can save these but don't try to print them b/c they wont turn out).

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pillowcase Dress Izzy and I made (and some pictures)

Yes, Izzy helped me sew this dress. She sat on my lap and helped me pull the needles out and cut the strings. Unfortunately she wouldn't wear the dress for me to get some photos of her but I am going to try to have her wear it tomorrow to Leu Gardens.

And here are two photos from today at the park (Aunt Tina got her the adorable sweater and hat - there is a matching scarf and hat but it was like 70 degrees so even these were overkill):

Monday, January 12, 2009

Not doing such a good job :(

So, I am not doing such a good job keeping this updated. Guess that is something I will have to work on. I haven't been doing too much lately. We (Izzy, myself, Monica, Scott, Elizabeth, My Mom and My Dad) did all goto Busch Gardens on Saturday. Izzy and I were going to stay at Jodie's that night but Izzy was very tired when we got there (so also very tired) so we spend about an hour or so hanging out with her before heading home. On Saturday, Izzy and I had a picnic at the park up the street. I brought my camera and took some pictures.

Check out the picture from Busch Gardens and the park here:

As for my "crafting". I did one layout so far this year and worked on a few items for some swaps (in case you are wondering, thats when you make a set amount of each item and then swap them with everyone else who made stuff so you get more back). Today I sewed some curtains together for Vickey's apartment. Is till have to sew some fringe onto a valance and a pillowcase for Chelsea's room. Maybe tonight??

Here is the one scrapbooking layout I have done this year. I did it for a one hour layout contest.

And last for right now is a really cool thing created by Micah at VIP Signatures. I love it.