Monday, January 12, 2009

Not doing such a good job :(

So, I am not doing such a good job keeping this updated. Guess that is something I will have to work on. I haven't been doing too much lately. We (Izzy, myself, Monica, Scott, Elizabeth, My Mom and My Dad) did all goto Busch Gardens on Saturday. Izzy and I were going to stay at Jodie's that night but Izzy was very tired when we got there (so also very tired) so we spend about an hour or so hanging out with her before heading home. On Saturday, Izzy and I had a picnic at the park up the street. I brought my camera and took some pictures.

Check out the picture from Busch Gardens and the park here:

As for my "crafting". I did one layout so far this year and worked on a few items for some swaps (in case you are wondering, thats when you make a set amount of each item and then swap them with everyone else who made stuff so you get more back). Today I sewed some curtains together for Vickey's apartment. Is till have to sew some fringe onto a valance and a pillowcase for Chelsea's room. Maybe tonight??

Here is the one scrapbooking layout I have done this year. I did it for a one hour layout contest.

And last for right now is a really cool thing created by Micah at VIP Signatures. I love it.

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