Thursday, March 19, 2009

My funny conversation with Izzy this morning

So we are on the way to my Mom's this morning. Izzy starts talking about going to Sea World (which she does every day). Starts talking about the different animals there. Then this conversation happens:

I: Shamu has a tail.
Me: Yes, Shamu has a tail.
I: Tigers have tails.
Me: Yes, Tigers have tails.
I: I don't have a tail, I have a butt
Me: laughing, yes, you have a butt.

Then she proceeds to list everyone that has butts (Daddy has a butt, Mema has a butt, Bepa has a butt, aunt tina has a butt, etc).

Last week when I was getting dressed one morning. I had on my bra and pants. Izzy walks in and goes "Mommy you have big boobs and I have small ones". I just started laughing and agreed with her.

I am going to try to write down (via this blog) some of the funny stuff she says and does so I can remember these.

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