Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maryland and New York

At the end of May, Izzy and I took a trip to Maryland and New York. My friend Bethany was getting married and Izzy was asked to be the flower girl. Since we were already going to be up that way, it made sense to add a fews day to visit family in NY also. Our original plan was to drive (although it would be a long drive just me and an almost 3 yr old) but then I got a great price on some tickets on Southwest so we flew to MD, then from MD to NY, then from NY home. It was great to visit friends and family on the trip. We spend the first few night in Fredrick, MD for the wedding, then drove down to Southern MD and spent some time visiting friends, then a night at my Aunt and Uncles house in Belair, MD before heading on to Long Island to stay w/Christian's Sister.

Here are some pictures from our day in NYC:

Not the best picture but one of the only ones of Izzy and I at my friends wedding
From 2009_05_24

Her as the flower girl
From 2009_05_24

From 2009_05_24

These are the only pictures I have access to from work but someday I will update with some more pictures of the other things we did.

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